Opening of Sacred Rivers

Hin Bus Depot presents "Sacred Rivers", a photography exhibition by KC Chong of rivers in India and Bangladesh.

Since the earliest development in human habitation, every civil growth has depended on rivers. A river provides for a city like a mother providing for a child. A rich urban civilization begins with a river as the focal point, right in the center of the ring of culture development.

Apart from it being one of the earliest and most important modes of transportation to date, riverbanks also provide the most naturally fertile soil agriculturally. The relationship between rivers and civilizations is a most primal and instinctive one. However, the evolution of modern and commercial industry has gradually cut off the interaction between man and river. Rivers all over the world are now highly contaminated by toxic waste and men are now building walls between themselves and the rivers.

Exhibition period: 9 Jan - 8 Feb
Launch of photologue: 10 Jan, 1pm

Sat Jan 9, 2016
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM MYT
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